Shizuoka Field Trip (6/3-4/2011)

2011/ 06/ 03-04

We went to Ito En Sagara Plant tour in Shizuoka. Since the establishment our scholarship foundation 15 years ago, we have visited the plant annually. On this particular occasion, about 20 students joined this trip and we had the opportunity to visit the factories and observe the production processes of Ito En goods, and the various testing labs. Also, we did “Tea Tasting” to see if we were able to differentiate the taste of tea made from leaves in different areas. It was really interesting to taste and feel the difference in the various tea leaves. After the long day at the plant, we stayed at Omaezaki Grand Hotel and had a great time.




Ito En Sagara Plant, Central Research Institute, and Hamaoka Plant

Visitation: The production process, the facility where ingredient analysis, quality management, and basic research is performed.



Hotei Foods Corporation co., ltd. Fujigawa Plant

Visitation: The production process of bottled and canned beverages.